The Wolf

The Wolf by Russ Wolf

The Wolf – All Music by Russ Wolf – Text by Pia- and Hannah Gerber

He’s pacing by the window, where you’re sleeping behind
Running through your dreams, frightening your mind
Your nightmare is fading by a look in his eyes
See the spark and know he’ll be by your side

The wolf, he knows your thoughts, your fears and your pain
He knows your lonelyness, your hopes and desires
And running through your dreams he’ll give you a strength
That you will never loose again, that you will never loose again

Wake up and feel the wolf inside, your dreams will come true
And nightmares are past, when you’re following the light
You can see into his eyes – the wolf
Is here to free your mind – the wolf



The Monsters of Rock

The Monsters of Rock

Ein Song aus dem Jahre 2008 mit der Band The Monsters of Rock


Music and Lyrics: Russ Wolf

Vocals: Russ Wolf – Backgrounds: Vocal Voxx

Guitars: Christian Bachmeier – Klaus Jungbauer

Drums: Günter Scheuchl

Bass: Thomas Mader


Hanta Yo - Trail of freedom CD-Cover

Hanta Yo – Trail of freedom CD-Cover

Nachfolgend der Titel Transcendence von der CD aus dem Jahre 2001


Musik: Arizona Bull – Text: Crimson Glory

Guitars: Arizona Bull – Russ Wolf

Indian Flutes: Mazaska Zi